The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect

by Dr. Greg Wells
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In his new book, Dr. Greg Wells offers concrete strategies on how to get better and stay better—not just for a few weeks or a few months, but for life. Optimal well-being is obtained through a commitment to the “holy trinity” of healthy living—eating better, moving better, sleeping better. Together these lead to peak physical performance.

With tremendous insight into the physiology of the human body and the reasons mankind has evolved the way it has, The Ripple Effect exposes exercise and diet myths, inspiring you and leading you on a clear path to achieving a health and fitness transformation.

With small—and very achievable—daily changes in your life, you’ll see the incredible effects of aggregate gains that professional athletes know. You’ll learn how:

  • Eating broccoli provides the body with more protein per calorie than eating steak
  • Using one teaspoon less of sugar per day would help you lose four pounds of fat per year
  • Walking for fifteen minutes per day decreases your risk of cancer by fifty per cent
And much more.


Dr. Greg Wells , author

Greg Wells , PhD, is a physiologist, researcher and professor of high-performance sports at the University of Toronto. Wells trains and coaches Olympic and elite athletes around the world and was the sports science and sports medicine analyst for CTV’s Olympic broadcasts. Visit his website at

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