Radius Islamicus

Radius Islamicus

by Julian Samuel
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Joseph, the tactician behind the Piccadilly Circus bombing, finds himself in a nursing home in Pierrefonds, Quebec. A visit from a long-lost former fellow cell member interrupts his dalliance with the night nurse, provoking both a crisis and a period of reflection. Did he lose his mind back then as a young man? Or is he losing it now? Why did a systems analyst living on the Kandahar Road in London, with a PhD from the London School of Economics and an enthusiasm for Bobby Darrin’s hit “Dream Lover” (the Farsi version), bring home fertilizer? Will his former associates give him up with deathbed confessions?


Julian Samuel, author

Julian J. Samuel is a filmmaker, fiction writer, poet and playwright. His documentaries include The Raft of the Medusa, Into the European Mirror and City of the Dead. Formerly residing in Montreal, he now makes his home in Toronto.

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number of pages: 225

publication date: 01/04/2018

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