Princess Lila Builds a Tower

Princess Lila Builds a Tower

by Anne Paradis
  • early-chilhood
  • family-and-friendship
  • for-girls
  • from-quebec

Princess Lila lives in a beautiful castle and has everything she could ever desire—well, almost. She yearns to venture beyond the forest, explore her country and meet people her own age. But the forest is off limits. Resourceful and ingenious, Princess Lila sets to work building a tower to catch a glimpse of the forbidden land. Thus begins a thrilling adventure: she becomes the manager of a vast construction project involving an impressive number of materials, obstacles and solutions. At last, with the help of the castle’s staff, she constructs a tower that extends above the trees. After the plucky princess takes matter into her own hands, will she find what she was looking for?


Anne Paradis, author

Anne Paradis has been working in the wonderful world of books for the past twenty years. She is currently a publisher at Chouette Publishing (Caillou, Crackboom, City Monsters). She recently wrote her first children’s picture book, Princess Lila Builds a Tower, nominated for the Cécile-Gagnon literary award in 2017.

Karina Dupuis, illustrator


  • A book that needs to be in every school library. - Carla Johnson-Hicks, Educator, NetGalley
  • A life lesson about cooperation and working together, planning and determination in a way that even a young child would be able to understand and grasp. - Linda Lou Oliphant, Goodreads
  • Princess who takes control of her own destiny – no sitting around waiting for a prince, education being seen as the way to solve problems and books as repositories of knowledge, Lila studying engineering and architecture, using them to achieve her aim. I liked her perseverance when things went wrong. - Christina Reid, Teacher, Chrikaru Reads
  • This is a delightful story about a thoroughly likable princess, not spoiled by having everything, and willing to work hard for something, not expecting someone else to do it for her. I like that she worked with adults and parents and obeyed her parents to not go into the woods, but to find a way to see what was beyond. - Bonnie Bochert, Children’s Librarian, NetGalley

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age range: 3 - 5

number of pages: 32

publication date: 04/17/2017

Original language of pub: English

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