Newfoundland In The First World War

Newfoundland In The First World War

by Jenny Higgins
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Newfoundland in the First World War traces the role Newfoundland played in the conflict. The dominion of Newfoundland was not prepared for war in 1914: it had no army and most residents had never even seen a soldier. Yet tens of thousands of people, driven by patriotism, duty, and a thirst for adventure, volunteered. Stories of battles, heroism, heartbreak, triumph, and sacrifice are recounted in faithful detail, brought to life by dozens of archival photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings. It follows the Newfoundland Regiment from its beginnings, through the horror of Beaumont Hamel, and onto other battlefields. Also covered are Newfoundland’s other forces, including aviators, the Merchant Navy, the Naval Reserve, and the Forestry Corps. It also includes the roles of women, both overseas and at home in Newfoundland. Readers glimpse the realities of life in the trenches, work done on the home front, and the profound and lasting effects of the war.


This interactive book includes 12 pullout facsimile documents, including • Letters and postcards between soldiers and their loved ones • Pages from a soldier’s scrapbook • Excerpts from the notebooks of Cluny MacPherson, inventor of the gas mask.


Jenny Higgins, author

Jenny Higgins is a writer and researcher living in Flatrock, Newfoundland and Labrador. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines, on Memorial University’s Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Website, and broadcast on CBC Radio and TV. She also writes for Memorial University’s Maritime History Archive and the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Education. In 2014, she released her first book, called Perished: The 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster. It won the Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing. Her second book, Newfoundland in the First World War, was published in 2016.


  • Show Don't Tell: the story of Newfoundland in the First World War told with archival materials. Jenny Higgins’ latest book, Newfoundland in the First World War, was a natural progression from her first published work, Perished, about the 1914 Newfoundland sealing disaster. Here, Ms. Higgins, who is a researcher with Memorial’s Maritime History Archive and the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Website, talks about using reproductions of period photographs, letters and newspaper clippings as storytelling tools—and how there are always more stories to tell. - Mandy Cook, Memorial University Gazette Link to review
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  • Winner, 2017 Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award, non-fiction category
  • Nominated, 2018 Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage and History Award.

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