Mammouth rock

Mammouth rock

by Eveline Payette
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  • fiction
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  • graphic-novel
A new (and hilarious) hypothesis on the extinction of mammoths. Louis has to do an oral presentation on his pet. To everyone’s great surprise, he decides to present his mammoth. Even more surprising, he talks to the class about a new species of hairy elephantidae only recently discovered: the Rock Mammoth. This proud ancestor of the hairy musicians of the 70s didn’t actually disappear. In fact, these elephants had had enough of being rock stars and wished for a more tranquil life. So they decided to remain hidden during the last millennia. But now Louis, the great mammoth enthusiast and rigorous scientific apprentice, has discovered this well-kept secret and is ready to reveal it to the world.


Eveline Payette, author

Eveline Payette studied Theatre, followed by Childhood Education. Fascinated by young people who are different, she decided to do a Master’s degree on these special spectators. After a brief career in the theatre, she discovered the field of Cultural Mediation and today works in schools teaching acting to the young. She lives near Montreal with her family, who are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Mammoth Rock is her first book.

Guillaume Perreault, illustrator

Guillaume is a graphic designer, but now works mainly as a freelance illustrator and author. His techniques vary according to his projects, but balance, contrast and humour are present in all of his work.


  • Un petit bijou. - Katerine Verebely, Gravel le matin (Radio-Canada)
  • 52 pages de pur plaisir! - Josée-Anne Paradis, Revue Les libraires
  • C’est délicieux, c’est drôle, c’est intelligent. Il y a plein de trouvailles dans ce livre!. - Catherine Trudeau, Plus on est de fous, plus on lit (Radio-Canada)


  • Gagnant, 2018 Prix jeunesse des Libraires du Québec, 6 à 11 ans

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age range: 6 - 9

number of pages: 48

publication date: 08/08/2017

Original language of pub: French | Français

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