Les suicidés d'Eau-Claire | The Eau-Claire Suicides

Les suicidés d'Eau-Claire | The Eau-Claire Suicides

by Éric Mathieu
  • debut
  • from-quebec
  • literary
On December 22,1992, Alain Walter, a notary in Metz, raises the alarm — his cousin Camille Corbin informs him via registered mail that she along with her husband, Jean-Renaud, and their daughter, Sybille, have committed suicide. After a long period spent abroad, the mysterious Corbin family are back in Eau-Claire and, confronted with their own alienation, fall further and further into decline. Facing an ugly, unyielding world, the Corbins sink into despair — at the bottom of which they may find grace…


Éric Mathieu, author

Éric Mathieu is a professor of linguistics at Ottawa University. He specializes in the syntax and morphology of French and the Algonquian languages. He studied in France and the U.K., travelled extensively, and has lived in Canada for twelve years. The Eau-Claire Suicides is his first novel.


  • Éric Mathieu frappe fort avec ce premier roman aux accents un peu nihiliste et à l'ambiance très sombre. - Ariane Laflèche, Journal 24h
  • A stunning, jarring first novel [...] A subtle, masterful work that foretells only good things for Éric Mathieu. - Stanley Péan, Les libraires


  • Finalist, 2017 Prix littéraire Trillium
  • Winner, 2017 Prix littéraire émergence de l'Association des auteur-e-s de l'Ontario français
  • Shortlisted, 2017 Festival du Premier Roman de Chambéry
  • Finalist, 2018 Prix littéraires Le Droit, fiction

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age range: Adult

number of pages: 520

publication date: 08/30/2016

Original language of pub: Français | French

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