1000 Words

1000 Words

""1000 Words" series" series

  • debut
  • illustrated
  • nonfiction
  • reluctant-readers

1000 Words bilingual is ideal for developing a child’s vocabulary in their first language and getting familiar with a second one at the same time. Family, school and daily life, toys, the human body, animals, sports, fun activities, math, science and geography are some of the themes for which key words are beautifully illustrated by Svetlana Peskin.

Furthermore, the two indexes at the end of the book allow readers to easily find the pages for specific words in each language. With this book, children will have fun learning and practicing the languages!


Svetlana Peskin, illustrator

Rights Holder

Rights Holder: Mega Publishing

email: brigittebeaudry@bellnet.ca

website: http://rightrights.com/

rights sold: French (Canada)

rights available: World

Additional Information

age range: 3 - 5

number of pages: 128

publication date: 09/01/2018

Original language of pub: English | Français

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