Canada in Harmony

October 14 - October 18

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Canada is home to a multitude of cultures that are as varied as the musical genres they embrace and with a music scene that reflects the vast country; dynamic, modern, diverse and open to the world. Hosted by Isabelle Racicot, the show features the works of Canadian artists whose voices are strong and deeply routed in the Canadian experience. The full length versions of the Canada Day 2020 celebrations were broadcast on CBC and are available for viewing online: Canada Day Across the Country and Canada Day Together.


Presented by the Government of Canada. 

Adrina Turenne, Alanna McAdie, Alexandra Stréliski, Burnstick, Corneille, Guillaume Côté, Haviah Mighty, Isabelle Racicot, Joel Plaskett and the Emergency, JP Hoe, Kelly Bado, Kris Ulrich, Lawrence Nayally, Leela Gilday, Micah, Mahalia and Reeny Smith, Mo Kenney, Natalie Bohrn, Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Olivia Lunny, Paul Brandt, Roxane Bruneau, Ruth Moodie, Sierra Noble, Vanessa Garcia-Ribala Montoya

English and French


Dance, Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, Music, Performing Arts, Women, Youth