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Leipzig Book Fair 2020, Germany March 12-15

Call for Canadian publishers and literary agents.

Mark your calendar: The deadline for submitting your interest to exhibit on the Canada Stand is Monday, November 25th, 2019


In anticipation of Canada’s upcoming presence as the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020, we are excited to announce that for the second consecutive year, Canada will have a collective stand at the Leipzig Book Fair!

The Leipzig Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Germany after Frankfurt and takes place over four days on the Leipzig Trade Grounds annually in March. It is the inaugural gathering of the year for the German book industry and it is where Canada will officially launch its literary program, setting the stage for the Guest of Honour presentation in October at Frankfurt.

Exhibiting on the Canada Stand in Leipzig provides an excellent opportunity for members of the Canadian publishing industry to expand their understanding of the German book market, sell and buy rights, generate new contacts, strengthen existing relationships with German partners, and discover new business opportunities all under Canada’s upcoming Guest of Honour presence at the Frankfurt Book Fair. It also allows direct exchange and rapport with the German reading audience, German booksellers, literary mediators, and festival programmers and is, therefore, an instrumental opportunity to gain insight into the German book market and current trends.

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Important Details

The Department of Canadian Heritage, the Embassy of Canada in Germany, Livres Canada Books and Canada FBM2020 will be supporting the presence of Canadian publishers and literary agents in Leipzig in 2020. 

  • A Canada Stand will be made available for Canadian publishing representatives to exhibit and host meetings;
  • Livres Canada Books will administer and manage the Canada Stand;
  • Canada FBM2020 in partnership with the Embassy will facilitate a literary programming component as part of the official launch of the literary program for the Guest of Honour presentation;
  • Select B2B activities will be available for exhibitors at Leipzig with the potential of organizing meetings outside of Leipzig in nearby cities pre- or post- Leipzig;
  • Support towards travel expenses will be available for eligible participants through the Foreign Rights Marketing Assistance Program (FRMAP). Support towards travel expenses may be available for eligible participants who are not eligible for FRMAP. 
  • A registration fee per participating exhibitor will be required (maximum of $500);
  • A number of international trade fairs are taking place around the Leipzig Book Fair, among others are London Book Fair (March 10 – 12), Salon du livre de Paris (March 20 – 23) and Bologna Children’s Book Fair (March 30 – April 2), which offers interested participants the opportunity to attend the Leipzig Book Fair in association with one or several of these trade fairs for networking and business purposes.

Exhibitor Stand

Exhibiting participants will have access to:

  • 1 exhibitor pass per sharing exhibitor
  • 1 table and 3 chairs (shared with partner exhibitor)
  • 4 display shelves per sharing exhibitor (1m wide each)
  • signage
  • listing in the official print and online fair catalogue and Canada Stand directory
  • consolidated shipping at exhibitor’s expense
  • set-up and tear-down
  • reception desk service


Publishing representatives interested in exhibiting must indicate their interest here.

The deadline to fill out this survey is: November 25th, 2019.

A link with guidelines and other details on how to complete the official application form will then be sent directly to you once you, shortly after the November 25th deadline.

For any questions, please contact

We’ve surpassed our goal of 200 Canadian titles sold and published in German!

As of today, the number of rights sold and titles published in German by Canadian authors and illustrators amounts to more than 200 since 2016*, the year Canada was named Guest of Honour for the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair.

If you have concluded a German rights deal since October 2016, please be sure to tell us about it by clicking here.

Interested in discovering Canadian authors and illustrators who are not yet been sold in the German market? Consult our online catalogue here.

*Data collected mainly by publishers and agents, Canadian Embassy in Germany, l’Antenne du Québec à Berlin, provincial associations and the Canada Council for the Arts. Other rights may have been sold and the list is updated weekly, depending on the information collected.

Photo by Suad Kamardeen on Unsplash

Last Call for Submission Before First Round of Deliberations for Literary Programme

Call for Submissions

One of the major commitments made by Canada to the Frankfurt Book Fair as part of our 2020 Guest of Honour (GoH) presence is the organization of a literary programming, built in collaboration with a dedicated Literary Programming Committee (LPC) and our Canadian and German partners.

Canada FBM2020 is now accepting submissions from Canadian publishers and literary agents of Canadian authors and illustrators (creators) to be considered for participation 1) in events at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 14-18, 2020), as well as 2) other literary events in Germany in the 2020 calendar year.

General Information on Programming in 2020

GeCanada’s Guest of Honour literary programme will be comprised of the following two elements:

  1. The Frankfurt Book Fair in 2020:
    A delegation of authors and illustrators who will attend the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair to participate in various speaking engagements and presentations;
  2. During the Guest of Honour year in 2020:
    A series of author and illustrator visits to festivals, literature houses, and other literary events in Frankfurt and elsewhere in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland throughout 2020, as part of a broad spectrum of Canadian literary and cultural events and exhibitions linked to our Guest of Honour year, as well as participation in related literary programmes such as poetry slams, readings with music, film adaptations of novels, documentaries on authors, etc. In Germany.

The selected creators will be part of Canada’s official delegation in 2020.

Creators who receive an official invitation and confirmation letter from Canada FBM2020 will have access to financial support to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

Eligibility Criteria

Given the limited number of spots available, the LPC will only be able to consider creators who meet the criteria. Please also be sure to refer to the above section, General Information on Programming in 2020, before proceeding.

The LPC will be guided by the following considerations:

  • The creator must be Canadian and published in Canada (for all genres).
  • The creator has a German commercial partner for their work and there is a forthcoming or existing publication that will be available in the German language in 2020.
  • If the creator does not have a German commercial partner for their work, the creator is notable through reputation, recognition, subject matter or genre. Accomplishment will be measured in part, but not exclusively, through national and international awards, translations and foreign editions, reviews, and contribution to the literary landscape.
  • The delegation represents Canada’s diversity in its broadest understanding—inclusive of geography, cultural background, age, ability, gender, genre and representing Indigenous, Francophone, and Anglophone literature, writing, and literary expression from a variety of genres. Click here for the guiding principles of the committee.
  • The creator has a distinctive voice and artistic expression.

How to Submit a Candidate*:

To submit a creator’s profile, please complete the online form.

* Apply now, as places are limited. A first round of deliberations will take place at the end of October. Please note that this process is open to Canadian publishers and literary agents.
Projects that are self-presented or self-promoted, will not be considered for the official delegation.

*Update: first deliberations will take place after November 4th.

Photo: Gaëlle Marcel on Unsplash

Margaret Atwood to represent Canada at Handover Ceremony at the Frankfurt Book Fair today

We’re pleased to announce that Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, inventor, teacher, and environmental activist, Margaret Atwood will be the Canadian Representative at the FBM 2019 Handover Ceremony today, Sunday, October 20th at 3:30 PM. 

Since 1961, Atwood has published seventeen books of poetry, sixteen novels, ten books of non-fiction, eight collections of short fiction, eight children’s books, and one graphic novel, as well as a number of small press editions in poetry and fiction. Atwood and her writing have won numerous awards and honors, she most recently made the Shortlist for the 2019 Booker Prize and the Longlist for the 2019 Scotiabank Giller Prize. 

The Handover Ceremony is where the current Guest of Honour (GoH) country (Norway – GoH FBM 2019) hands over the specially designed ‘Guest Scroll’ to the upcoming year’s Guest of Honour country (Canada – GoH FBM 2020).  

Photo: Liam Sharp

Guest of Honour “CANADA 2020” Press Conference – FBM 2019

Frankfurt, Germany – Thursday, October 17th, 2019.

The Guest of Honour ‘Canada 2020’ Press Conference will be held this Thursday morning at the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair.  Attendees will be introduced to what will be driving our literary and cultural programming throughout the 2020 year.

Our literary guests in attendance are: 
– Lisa Moore, award-winning author of Alligator, February, and Caught 
– Christian Guay-Poliquin, author of Governor General of Canada’s Award-winning novel, Le Poids de la neige 
– J.D. Kurtness, author of De vengeance, Winner of the Indigenous Voices Award for French Prose in 2018  
There will also be a performance by classically-trained Canadian cellist Cris Derksen with recorded excerpts from the works of the three authors.

– Juergen Boos, President and CEO, Frankfurter Buchmesse
– Hélène Laurendeau, Deputy Minister, Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada
– Caroline Fortin, President, Canada FBM2020

Save the Date! FBM 2019

We invite you to save the date for upcoming events and activities that will be taking place at FBM 2019 this fall: 

Wednesday, October 16, 5:00 pm: Livres Canada Books Stand – Networking Reception (Hall 6.0, B67)

Thursday, October 17, 11:00 amPreview Press Conference – Canada FBM2020 (Agora, Frankfurt Pavilion) 
Online tickets available

Thursday, October 17, 5:00 pm: Québec Édition Stand – Networking Reception (Hall 5.1, D114-D115)

Sunday, October 20, 3:30 pmHandover Ceremony (Congress Centre, Guest of Honour Pavilion) 

Literary Programming – Guiding Principles

One of the major commitments made by Canada to the Frankfurt Book Fair as part of our 2020 Guest of Honour (GoH) presence is the organization of a literary programming.

Canada’s GoH literary programming will include: 1) the delegation of authors and illustrators who will attend the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair to participate in various speaking engagements and presentations; 2) a series of author and illustrator visits to festivals, Literaturhäuser, residencies, and other literary events in Frankfurt and elsewhere in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland throughout 2020 as part of a broad spectrum of Canadian literary and cultural events and exhibitions linked to our Guest of Honour year; and 3) other related literary programming such as poetry slams, storytelling, readings with music, film adaptations of novels, documentaries on authors, etc.

Responsibility for planning and delivering the literary programming has been contracted to Canada FBM2020 by the Department of Canadian Heritage.  

Canada FBM2020 is now pleased to announce plans for the organization of the programming. Our goal is to work with a dedicated Literary Programming Committee and our Canadian and German partners to deliver an outstanding and diverse programming that is representative of Canadian authors and illustrators.  

We emphasize that there are two intersecting areas of interest within this project: that of Canada’s creators and publishers, who want their work presented in German-language territories; and that of German-language publishers and programmers, who have an interest in Canada yet remain attentive to their German audience. The Canadian industry will propose participants, and the German industry will make their selections from this group. A limited number of authors/illustrators/performers will benefit from this prestigious initiative.

Canada FBM2020 Mandate and Commitment to Diversity

The literary programming must represent:

  • Indigenous, Francophone, and Anglophone literature, writing, and literary expression in Canada;
  • the various regions of Canada;
  • literary and non-literary genres;
  • books for all ages: children, young adults, and adults.

The declared priorities of the Department of Canadian Heritage for this project are to:

  • promote an inclusive and diverse society;
  • work toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians;
  • engage youth;
  • reaffirm the importance of strong environmental stewardship.

Description of the Project

In early 2019, Canada FBM2020 has established a dedicated Literary Programming Committee to plan, manage, and deliver Canada’s literary programming.

Committee Member Profiles

Committee members have experience with literary festivals, fairs, salons du livre, or other similar events.   


Canada FBM2020 is planning for a minimum of 80 Canadian authors and illustrators to participate in GoH activities in 2020. The events at the Fair itself, from October 14-18, 2020, and in the city of Frankfurt during that week, will be the centrepiece of Canada’s GoH presence, and we are also planning for authors/illustrators/performers to travel to Germany to participate in other events throughout the year.

The Committee will be responsible for organizing the literary programming, with these main areas of activity:

  1. Finalize a list of criteria for the inclusion of authors/illustrators/performers in the delegation and share this list of criteria with the Canadian industry;
  2. Prepare a master schedule of literary and cultural events in which Canadian authors/illustrators/performers might participate in 2020, e.g., festivals, book fairs, readings and slams, individual author/illustrator tours, colloquia, residencies, exhibits, workshops, etc.;
  3. Communicate with the German programmers of these events to learn what is of interest to them, and then hold discussions with them to determine the Canadian authors, illustrators, performers, and topics;
  4. Assist with planning and scheduling when an author/illustrator/performer is invited to one of those events;
  5. Propose, confirm, and schedule the GoH author/illustrator/performer delegation for the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair;
  6. Maintain a master schedule for all confirmed GoH literary events.

A major milestone for Canada FBM2020, and thus for the Literary Programming Committee, is to have the delegation and reading tour lists ready, and to start the activities and promotion in Germany by March 2020, at the Leipzig Book Fair.  

Delegation of Authors/Illustrators

To a large extent, the makeup of the GoH literary programming will be based on invitations extended by German publishers, festivals, Literaturhäuser, etc.  

There will be clear criteria for authors and illustrators to be considered for inclusion in the GoH literary programming. The first criteria are:

  1. The author/illustrator has a German commercial partner for their work.
  2. The author/illustrator has a recent German release. This is an important consideration for German publishers and programmers, whose interest is in engaging the German public with new work.
  3. The author/illustrator is notable through reputation or through subject matter of interest in Germany but has been overlooked in the process of translation.

We expect there will be opportunities to program events with certain Canadian authors/illustrators whose work has not, or not yet, been published in Germany, but these will not be the main focus of the programming.

Photo: Gaëlle Marcel on Unsplash

Canadian Books Published in German for 2020?

Seeking Canadian books published in German for 2020

Canada FBM2020 has hired an external committee of literary programmers (The Literary Programming Committee) to program events featuring Canadian authors and illustrators in Germany in 2020 during the lead-up to and at the Frankfurt Book Fair where Canada will be the Guest of Honour.

One of the important criteria for participation in the official literary program is a German-language edition of a work available in the German market during the 2020 year.

If you are aware of a work by a Canadian author or illustrator which will be available in German in the German marketplace in 2020, there are two ways that you can let us know. You can complete the following form or contact Hal Wake, chair of the Literary Programming Committee:

Please note that this call is for information gathering purposes. A separate and more formal submission process with specific submission criteria will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information on the official literary programming please check out our FAQ page.

Photo: Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Announcement: Canada FBM2020 Literary Programming Committee Members

On Friday, April 12th, at the Salon international du livre de Québec, Canada FBM2020 revealed the names of the Literary Programming Committee members who will develop, plan and coordinate our literary activities in Frankfurt and Germany in 2020: Heather Kanabe, Claudia Larochelle and Hal Wake will compose the committee.

For more information on the Literary Programming Committee, consult the official press release. 

One of the major commitments made by Canada to the Frankfurt Book Fair as part of our 2020 Guest of Honour (GoH) presence is the organization of a literary programme.

Click here for more information on the committee mandate and selection process.


Photo: Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

2018 Trade Mission in Germany: Report

Livres Canada Books and Canada FBM2020 undertook a trade mission to Germany last summer in order to evaluate this market’s potential for Canadian publishers ahead of 2020. The delegation consisted of 23 Canadian book publishers, two agencies, representatives of the industry who are active in the German market. Delegates met with selected German publishers and potential partners in order to extend their overview of this market. Download your copy of Livres Canada Books report on the mission.